The End is a song by Little Mix and appears as the twelfth track on their third album Get Weird.

Critical Reception

ANDPOP writer Rebecca Mattina stated: "The End" is an acapella wonder. With only a few finger snaps and a few soulful melodies, with a retro-Meghan Trainor-inspired rhythm, you’ll be quite disappointed when the song ends."[1]


Jesy (with Little Mix):
I can't keep (breaking), up with you
You messed with my heart, baby
Now it's black and blue
(But love isn't fair),
So I swear, yeah
That this time,
(This is the end)

Jade (with Little Mix):
And I can't keep (lying)
Lying to myself, oh
Thinking you (love me right)
But you never will,
It's too much to bear (Little Mix: Too much to bear)
So I swear, (Little Mix: This time I swear)
That this time,
This is the (end)
I mean it baby

Leigh Anne:
Oh whoa

Leigh Anne with Little Mix:
Said I'm gonna leave,
But I never leave
And now I know that I really don't need ya'
Had your fun

Now the party's done,
And you begged on the floor,
As I walked out the door,
Boy we are through

Leigh Anne:
Oh whoa

Leigh Anne with Little Mix (Jade):
All the tears I cried
On the lonely nights
Boy I lost my mind

But now I'm sure

Little Mix:
Now I'm sure, now I'm sure

Leigh Anne:
You can say what you want,
But love isn't here any more

Perrie (with Little Mix):
And I won't be (missing), missing you
And no one can love you, the way I use to do

(But love isn't fair),
And I swear
That this time,
(This is the end),
Oh woah,

I promise baby,

Leigh Anne:
This is the end

You know it's the end

Oh whoa yeah,
This is the end





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