Hello Little Mixers! To celebrate the release of “Get Weird,” we wanted to bring you some Musical Madness! You have until January 3rd to vote for your Little Mix favorites! Thank you to Little Mix Wikians Fleurblack and Princess Salvatore for all your help!

Favorite Video

<pollsnack hash="q7152ijt" width="250"/>

Favorite Member

<pollsnack hash="q7t8w59h" width="250"/>

Favorite Album

<pollsnack hash="qhnqr0fj" width="250"/>

Favorite Song from "Get Weird"

Get weird

<pollsnack hash="q7ul6f3c" width="250" height="520"/>

Favorite Look

<pollsnack hash="qhjevql9" width="250"/>

Favorite Ballad

<pollsnack hash="q7kabs5p" width="250"/>

Favorite Cover Song

<pollsnack hash="q7csglik" width="250"/>

Favorite Collab Song

<pollsnack hash="q7p0oa8n" width="250"/>

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